Gerber to CAD Translation

-Reverse engineer your Legacy Gerber files into modern CAD database formats that will import directly into the CAD System of your choice.

Gerber to SMT Translation

-Easily program your placement equipment with our programming services.  We support most major brands, simple output  files and we even provide optimization routines.

Gerber to In Circuit Test

-Program your Flying Probe or Bed-of-Nails test equipment.  Design and price cost the right fixture the first time.

Gerber Analysis

-Avoiding common mistakes and problems related to Design for Manufacturability.

Welcome to: - the World's premier Data Translation service for gerber data.
 Ask about our inexpensive data translation services for Surface Mount Technology and Through Hole.  Take the pain out of programming your In Circuit Test equipment with our outsourcing solutions fit for every budget.  

 Supplement your engineering team's strategy by allowing them to focus on mission-critical needs by outsourcing the tactical laborious translation functions.


 Contact for a free data analysis on your next translation job.

     Gerber Data History

Delve into an interesting journey through photo-plotter history.  Learn about how and why Gerber Data has become the de-facto standard it is today.


     Data Types

Distinguish between the legacy and modern Gerber Data Standards.  What to do if your obsolete design has left you stranded.


     Modern Gerber

Getting your Stencils built right the first time, What options exist today, How to save time and money by choosing the correct output.


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